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Matt Palmer: Between The Silence

March 10 – March 30
Underneath it all I seem to have this subconscious, historical relationship with the landscape. Naturally, without thinking about it I find myself wandering around looking at the light and finding the image that lies hidden below the surface. Growing up Lindauer, Angus, MCcahon, Corot, Constable andTurner were constant companions.


Matt Palmer: My Sydney

February 10 – March 10
On first glance Palmers Australian landscapes, with their broken brushstrokes and high-keyed colours paintings look a lot like Impressionism. When you look a little closer the paintings are less mannered than when seen from a distance. Compositionally there is also an obvious and direct reference to both photography and digital technology in the way the images are manipulated away from reality. The figures and sensibility of the images have a feeling of being a curious and often hard to define. A mixture of memory and truth.